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April Giveaway!Acquacotta: Recipes and Stories from Tuscany's Secret Silver Coast

I remember visiting my friend Emiko in Porto Ercole in 2015 when she was there for a six month period along Tuscany's silver coastline.Beloved by those in the know,it is certainly not a place as famous as Liguria's Cinque Terre or further down south,the popular Amalfi Coast.But that's why I love it.Here,the coastal towns of Porto Ercole,and Porto Santo Stefano in the promontory of Monte Argentario fill up with locals or visiting Italians…

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A Reading List For Spring/Summer 2017

If 2015 was a busy year,2016 took the cake on that front.So much so,I probably made myself sick by the year's end by working too much and ignoring my body's basic need to just rest therefore it comes to no surprise that up until recently I had a nagging cold that still isn't completely gone today.However,this past vacation in Mexico taught me to slow down,breathe and most of all dive into something I truly love…

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March Giveaway!Florentine: The True Cuisine of Florence

The Florentine Emiko Davies

"You don't need a silver fork to eat good food."-Paul Prudhomme Well unless you've got a distressed,vintage one picked up at an antique market in Arezzo that looks oh so nice in Instagram photos.Jokes aside,part of the greatness of food in Italy is that it isn't to be pretentious.Throw away the word ‘foodie' and replace it with just a general knowledge of what's in season,traditional recipes passed down from nonni,and you have a…

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36 Hours In Tuscany's Monte Argentario

There are so many spots along Italy's luscious shores that people from all over the world dream 徳赢全站APPabout,the jagged cliffs of the Amalfi Coast,or the clear-blue water along Sardinia's northern coast and of course Cinque Terre,soon (if it isn't already) the most saturated spot to soak up a little sun.But Monte Argentario,still remains somewhat of a surprising find among many foreigners,also strategic for its vicinity to both the islands of Giglio and Giannutri,am easy…

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Locals I Love: Emiko Davies

Every have one of those ‘eureka' moments?Mine happened today,when I got to interview someone I have following ever since arriving in Italy and begun a burgeoning interest in food that extended a little further beyond opening up a packet of crisps.Emiko Davies has long been one of my food idols,her beautiful blog details so many wonderful recipes — matched with her superb photography that always leads me to drop what I am doing and head to…

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