Ditta Artigianale Oltrarno – A New Side To Italian Coffee Culture

I never thought I would see the day when a known coffee expert in Italy has defended the entity that is Starbucks.Especially after an onslaught of negativenews all over the internet regarding the coffee giantset to open its first Italy branch in Milan in 2017.But this is another reason I like Francesco Sanapo,award-winning barista and creator of ‘Ditta Artiginale'.On news 徳赢全站APPabout Starbucks,Francesco said in defense of the move"I think that it' s a positive fact,it's something new and the world of the italian caffetteria needs novelties,to develop and move forward.""

Moving onto actually good contemporary coffee,Ditta Artigianale is an excellentcoffee bar/micro-roastaryoffering special coffeeonvia dei neriand a brand-new location boasting 220 square meters of space onvia dello spronein the oltrarno neighborhood in Florence which Francesco opened in collaboration with Daniele Palladini.

Location is everything and they were smart enough to see the gap in the oltrarno for places like this,the new location is in betweenpiazza della passeraand Palazzo Pitti museum,徳赢全站APP大约2分钟的步行路程Ponte Vecchio(see map below).

He says what he thinks,and he often has a damn good point.意大利咖啡文化停滞了一段时间。While some would say ‘you can't reinvent the wheel' others might claim you could invent another new mode of transportation entirely,and why not?这就是我在意大利看到Ditta这样的地方,it isn't there to replace your quick shot of espresso in the morning from your local (mine being the nearby Caffe' degli Artigiani),而是一个徘徊在一个地方innovative filtered coffee brew和朋友在一起,or an opportunity to sneak in a second ‘flat white' after 11am.There is a market for these sorts of places,and it isn't just Berlin or NYC.

Outside of the brand new Ditta Artigianale Oltrarno on via dello sprone 5r.欢迎嘻哈

Outside of the brand new Ditta Artigianale Oltrarno on via dello sprone 5r.欢迎嘻哈


图片来源:Ditta Artigianale

图片来源:Ditta Artigianale

我上周四去了新闻发布会,where I got to see the new space,bright and shiny in all of its hipster glory with a few friends.Nico had been providing me regular updates on his morning walks with Ginger,he was worried they wouldn't be ready after seeing the construction and move in first hand on a daily basis.

我很幸运,this new coffee spot is just down the street from my house,in a building that had been empty for over 20 years,built in the 1950s byGiovanni Michelucci,one of Italy's leading architects of the twentieth century.You might have seen another building he did – the Florence Santa Maria Novella train station.Inside the Q-bic architecture studio of brothers Luca and Marco Baldini created an aesthetic that is both design friendly with sleek wood,glass and metal chandeliers and comfort.一个螺旋楼梯带你到二楼(餐厅),可以俯瞰咖啡吧。Many of the materials used were made specifically from salvaged materials and have picked to make the space as harmonious as possible.You can plug in your laptop and work with a view ofvia dello sprone面对面或选择与酒吧里的人聊天。

I consider it a welcome addition to a neighborhood not overly known for its amazing coffee.Now we will be able to order tea infusions,cappuccinos with almond milk,flat whites,or coffee made using aeropress or V60 filtering techniques.They source their coffee beans from small,来自世界各地的本地生产商,在托斯卡纳烧烤,on the menu you'll find varieties such asGeisha从巴拿马或Finca Catalanfrom the company Las Mercedes of Guatemala.如果弗朗西斯科在那里,问他咖啡的事徳赢全站APP,让这个地方与众不同的是他谈论这个地方是多么的兴高采烈和高兴,徳赢全站APPnot aloof by any means — he is the face and heart behind the brand that has started to revolutionize coffee culture in Italy.

The one and only Francesco Sanapo

The one and only Francesco Sanapo

At the press opening Francesco said"I can finally see a growing interest in the customers to discover new tastes of coffee,to try to experience the caffetteria in a different way,不仅是一个“instant pleasure""At Ditta Artigianale,we tried to give the best answers because our first goal is to let people understand what's behind their beloved cup.""


What's new 徳赢全站APPabout this new location?Plenty.除了咖啡吧和甜点外,它们还以再加上流畅的设计和WiFi友好的态度,this new location will also have a full-fledged restaurant,curated by chef Arturo Dori.You can still get your brunch featuring favorites like pancakes and ‘eggs in purgatory' (quick dish of eggs cooked in a fiery tomato sauce) but also your avocado on toast,,croque monsieur,club sandwiches and lobster rolls.重点将放在季节性,当然,阿图罗的电味。

图片来源:Ditta Artigianale

图片来源:Ditta Artigianale


I took a look at the menu and started drooling immediately,那里有一个决定性的民族融合的转折点。They have ‘half portions' ranging from 5- 8 euros a plate.Think Colombian empanadas,or a ‘millefoglie' made with veal tongue,citrus fruits and salsa verde,佛罗伦萨人和外国人都很高兴。Full courses include veggie curry in coconut milk (yes!),braised veal cheek with potato puree and artichoke pie.这是一份野心勃勃的菜单组合,但只要它好,我就不喜欢。I'll keep you all posted oninstagramand脸谱网.

herring with green apple,洋葱和酸奶。图片来源:Ditta Artigianale

herring with green apple,洋葱和酸奶。图片来源:Ditta Artigianale

Beginning at 6pm,the coffee culture trades cold brews for gin-based cocktails — ranging around 8-15 euros a pop.I am very excited that Kareem Bennett,formally of Fusion bar,will be coming here along with his mixology techniques — this man is a master!They are still very in-tuned to their wide variety of gin but at this location,other white spirits will have a home too.

I of course go for the ‘k-mule' a blend of tanqueray ten gin,索莱诺,lime and ginger beer.Other drinks feature fun names like ‘barber shop or creole',next time I plan on trying the cool ‘calavera' with ocho tequila (finally someone has something other than Jose Cuervo),lime,agave syrup,焦糖和盐。

While I don't always go for fancy cocktails,I'm really happy to have something nearby.最近我很震惊回到另一个很酷的地方,,Il Locale,by Santa Croce that raised the price of their fusion cocktails to a staggering 20 euros a pop,比佛罗伦萨更像纽约Italy.


Whether you like filtered coffee or not,give this new location a visit.如果有什么不同的看法,意大利咖啡文化刚刚开始抬头。What I've learned from this entire Starbucks debacle,which quite frankly has nothing on Ditta,tradition is awesome but so is innovation.To sound like a true Texan native,就像我奶奶常说的“乔其纱,世界上每个人都有空间,and anyone who tells you differently just has a stick up their ass."Just have the coffee;-).

Ditta Artigianale Oltrarno,地址:Via Dello Sprone 5R,open every day from 8am – midnight.website.Email: info@dittaartigianale.it

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  1. Reply
    07.03.2016 at 13:29

    Can't wait to check this out in April,Georgette.BUT,不是个时髦的,我不熟悉这个词”纯白”.Can you describe it?Grazie.

    1. Reply

      西奥·洛里,I have a feeling you'll love this place :).哈哈,不是个时髦的,我也不是,所以不用担心!A ‘flat white' is like a stronger cappuccino.It's made by pouring microfoam over a single shot or double ristretto shot of espresso.The perfect mid-morning pick-me-up!!

  2. Reply

    在Via Dei Neri的Artigianale已经是我最喜欢的地点之一(我是学校里第一个发现它的人)–现在我期待着在Oltrarno尝试新的地点…!!

    1. Reply
      07.03.2016 at 18:29

      Ciao alberto!I'm sure you'll enjoy the new space just as much!!

  3. Reply

    Having a known"coffee expert"使一个客观上以生产劣质产品而闻名的实体的到来合法化是一种难以接受的药丸。

    In my humble view,change for the sake of change isn't necessarily a good thing (especially in the food / beverage world).也许这与科学是平行的;the Philosopher of Science Kuhn once espoused 徳赢全站APPabout scientific revolutions that they don't happen very often (there are big moments in science happening all the time,just nothing that will shake the foundation of science).I think the same thing can be said 徳赢全站APPabout food and beverage – major shifts don't happen very often (and I think what Sanapo is advocating is trend but nothing that will shift the foundation of a coffee loving culture).

    My humble two cents,,
    Vince from Scordo.com

    1. Reply
      07.03.2016 at 18:28

      我认为他并不是说他本人就是星巴克的粉丝(据我所知),只是说一种新的咖啡文化并不可怕。The truth is,coffee has merged from the espressos and nespressos of yesterday and it makes sense that an international city like Florence would reflect that.Personally,我想这两个世界都有空间,I certainly wouldn't stop going to my local coffee bar because of specialty coffee shops,it really does feel like two different beings.

  4. Reply

    I love that quote from your grandma.

    1. Reply

      Thanks Jameson,she is one cool lady..

  5. Reply
    07.03.2016 at 17:03


    1. Reply
      07.03.2016 at 18:25

      There has been such a crazy backlash on Starbucks and their arrival,it's honestly over the top.I thought it was refreshing to see a different point of view for once.

  6. Reply
    Ed Parma

    Looks great!we will definitely check it out in May- we wanted to stay at Dello Sprone 6 again so it would have been right across the street- we waited too long and the apartment was taken for our dates – anyway we will be close- staying on via dei Guicciardini this year!!

    1. Reply
      15.03.2016 at 16:50

      你住在Via Dello Sprone 6,we are practically neighbors!guicciardini is very nice too 🙂

  7. Reply
    09.03.2016 at 11:42

    This place will definitely make my list of places to try When I Finally Get to Florence!!

    1. Reply
      15.03.2016 at 16:47


  8. Reply
    11.03.2016 at 8:33

    我喜欢这个主意,我喜欢喝杯咖啡,放松一下,不必担心那些不想排队或总是推我的人,徳赢全站APP但老实说,一般的意大利人都不喜欢美国咖啡,即使从未尝试过。This place gas success in the historical city center but you will never see something like this outside,where mosr of florentines live

    1. Reply
      13.03.2016 at 20:17

      You make a decent point there,especially regarding the fact that it probably would be different if outside the city center.I never thought 徳赢全站APPabout that.I think that many Italians think American coffee IS starbuck's sweet lattes,they often haven't ventured to the independent coffeeshops in many towns that serve pretty fabulous brews.

  9. Reply
    12.03.2016 at 17:06

    I've always loved taking time to slowly sip and enjoy my coffee rather than taking a quick shot of espresso.我很好奇这地方的价格如何-弗朗西斯科听起来很可爱!!

    1. Reply
      13.03.2016 at 20:12

      Ciao Alina :).我觉得你在慢慢地啜饮,I'm the same way,尤其是当我有一本书或是写作作业要完成的时候。Since it's opening,每次我经过或参观时,它都很满,my guess is that it will be a raving success 🙂

  10. Reply

    Next time I'm in Florence I have to go…never found an acceptable filtered coffee.(I'm one of those Italians that sometimes appreciates something differnet from espresso…)

  11. Reply
    Tony Staffaroni
    17.03.2016 at 13:56

    这个地方看起来棒极了!I would love to try it out when I am in Florence again.Wish there were some dessert pics!😉

  12. Reply
    Alex Brown
    22.03.2016 at 0:07

    Gotta try it as long as the CAFFE' is better and less sour (burnt) than the original spot in Via de' Neri!糕点和牛角面包很不错,但对于一家以奇思妙想为荣的咖啡馆来说,这不是城里最好的咖啡。free trade caffeine enriched elixir.
    Working in the international ed environment,I can't help but notice that MANY of the"soliti"(regulars) are North American females studying abroad and loving the TO GO CUP feature to keep on living their amazing (Eat Pray Love and Starbucks) life.

    BTW the cupcakes are insanely delicious!!!

    1. Reply
      22.03.2016 at 7:52

      I typically get a flat white which they do very well.To be honest,to me,咖啡真是一种口味问题。Everyone has their ‘spot' (for example I get cappuccini elsewhere).I like Ditta for shaking things up a bit.I'm not surprised you see most North American females at the other location,and what's wrong with that?Many people just like having a spot where they can chill for a few hours or read,这也是像这样的地方兴旺发达的另一个原因。PS.同意纸杯蛋糕

  13. Reply
    11.04.2016 at 2:11

    你好,乔吉特,My wife & I are staying at the Caso Santo di Gesu at the end of this coming May.对附近的Vino和当地景点有什么建议吗??


    1. Reply

      Yes absolutely!check out this guide I recently wrote for the nearby area 🙂//www.me-its.com/2016/02/12/santo-spirito-neighborhood-guide/

  14. Reply
    23.04.2016 at 16:36

    I love it.It's 徳赢全站APPabout time Florence opened its arms to a new vibe.You feel like you are in London or NY.最棒的是你在佛罗伦萨!!

  15. Reply
    01.09.2018 at 4:18

    Buongiorno!我们要来佛罗伦萨,Italy next week so thank you for all the great information!!

    1. Reply
      01.09.2018 at 15:05

      You are very welcome Melanie,祝您玩得愉快!!

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