1. 答复
    22.09.2014 at 4:33

    嗨,乔吉特,love ur blog…

    re oltrano and santa croce..are there any specific lanes/neighbourhood alleys that have all the weird/quirky/rustic/bohe shops??

    1. 答复
      22.09.2014 at 16:53

      你好,thank you for checking out the blog!In the oltrarno I have just the list for you here在圣克罗斯,I would check out Boutique Nadine's on via dei Benci,Aqua Flor香水店(我也打算写一篇关于这个社区的文章,徳赢全站APPsince there really is no specific ‘street' like in the oltrarno.

  2. 答复
    24.09.2014 at 1:54


    I am moving to Florence this January so discovering your blog has been just what I needed!What nice areas in the centre of Florence would you recommend to rent an apartment that are not so expensive?Also,I live in Mexico so I am so used to the sun!好天气什么时候开始??

  3. 答复
    18.11.2014 16:49

    I am jealous.I lived in the Parma area for four years.I am familiar with the winter weather and I can see that when you went out for truffles the wather was nasty,但我甚至想念那种天气。There is something magical 徳赢全站APPabout being in Italy,rain or shine.

    1. 答复
      18.11.2014 at 17:38

      Hello Ed,天气很糟糕,但你是对的,it is still beautiful.I think we just love to complain,it's a national sport 😉

  4. 答复
    11.12.2014 4:45

    再见!I am comign to Florence with my family (two teenage girls) and am curious where we should plan to eat on January 1,当一切似乎都关闭的时候。Do you have any suggestions??
    Thanks so much – am loving your blog!!

    1. 答复
      11.12.2014 14:22

      你好,Deb,多么令人兴奋啊!I hope you will have a wonderful trip – as for your question,的确,许多地方在1月1日关闭。I would definitely think 徳赢全站APPabout dining at a hotel restaurant (the four seasons is amazing as well as JK Place or The Savoy) since for sure they will be open.

  5. 答复
    Romina Saponaro
    10.02.2015 at 10:38

    我喜欢你的博客!I fly to Florence in may for 4 weeks (language Holiday) and i´m sooo excited.I have to visit so many and thanks for your tips.Greetings from Germany 🙂 Romina

    1. 答复
      10.02.2015 11:29

      Thank you so much for your kind comment.You are going to have a great month 🙂 Thanks for your support!!

  6. 答复

    Hello Georgette,I am absolutely delighted to have bumped into your blog today.这是迄今为止发生的唯一一件好事,so it is much appreciated!I look forward to some nice activities – after 4 years here,I feel that I have been too immersed in my restoration work and would love to get out a bit.再次表示感谢。
    Roshan (and since my name does not make it clear to most,I am female!)

  7. 答复
    17.09.2015 at 20:42

    Ciao Georgette!I arrive in Florence tomorrow and your blog was the perfect thing to read.一个伟大的资源-特别是免费Wifi在书目和咖啡馆。Grazie mille!!

  8. 答复
    Kelly Kinder
    20.10.2015 at 14:03

    Art student attending local university (SACI Florence) for a semester….绝对是救命稻草!Thanks so much for sharing your insight!Please let me know if there's anything I can do to contribute useful tips for getting the most out of this beautiful city.🙂

  9. 答复
    Julia Splendido
    20.01.2016 2:48

    I will be studying in Florence at Lorenzo de'Medici from The Hudson Valley,NY from 1/1 – 5/28.Will I be able to leave hat,gloves & heavy coat here in NY??

    1. 答复
      20.01.2016 10:20

      Hello Julia,这要看你在这儿有多冷。For example,最近天气是三十年代,我穿上了厚外套,帽子和手套。It's hard to say how long that will last.我想中号的夹克就够了,you can always pick up cheap gloves/hat at H&M here if you need them!!

  10. 答复
    03.02.2016 at 0:05

    嗨,乔吉特,you were so helpful in the summer of 2014,让我知道佛罗伦萨的阿维达美发沙龙徳赢全站APP——我真的需要一个好的发型和颜色,而且沙龙非常完美,I even continue to use the Aveda products back home.I will be returning to Florence for a few weeks in September and have been back to studying Italian with my tutor.Are there any meet-up type gatherings in Florence for people who want to practice their Italian?It's not always easy to speak in Italian when I am visiting….so many people speak English or I feel that they really don't have the time to wait for me to figure out what I need to say in Italian.I'd love to find someone who would want to meet for a coffee or drink and let me practice my Italian with them during my time in the city.Grazie,在婚礼上恭维你。❤️💑💍🍾

  11. 答复
    12.07.2016 at 16:44

    Hi Georgette–
    I am study abroad in florence in just 徳赢全站APPabout a month..I absolutely love you blog and it has helped me a lot as I am preparing myself to go over there with my classemates!!

  12. 答复
    09.08.2016 at 20:27

    Ciao Georgette,,

    I love your blog 徳赢全站APPabout living in Florence.I found it to be extremely humorous and very helpful.Thank you for the entertainment and please continue to blog.

    1. 答复
      10.08.2016 12:50

      Hello Suh!Thank you so much :),I'm thrilled you enjoy the blog 🙂

      1. 答复
        Nasir Tarar
        26.01.2017 1:17


  13. 答复
    Geoff Stanwell

    Thanks for accepting my request.I leave Sydney Mon 22 Aug and will be in Florence Mon 12 Sep,attending a wedding in nearby Vinci.LOVING your blog!!

    1. 答复
      22.08.2016 8:03

      Thank you so much Geoff!Hope you guys have a great time!!

  14. 答复
    Fran Mackereth
    30.03.2017 at 14:59

    Salve!I'm looking at joining the Italian blogging community,so just getting a feel for who's out there and what they're saying…

    1. 答复
      01.04.2017 at 11:57

      Well buongiorno!!

  15. 答复
    Cecil Jackson
    04.08.2017 at 1:19

    Hi Georgette–

    My Wife and I will be in Florence for 5 days on October,我很高兴能从你们所有的经历中受益。We are planning to attend a ACF Fiorentina match on October 15th.Any information regarding acquiring tickets and transportation to and from the stadium would be helpful.We are staying 徳赢全站APPabout 70 meter from Central Market of San Lorenzo

    1. 答复
      04.08.2017 at 15:26

      Hello Cecil.How wonderful that you guys will be in town for that.你可以提前到体育场售票处买票(你需要一个有效的身份证)或者在线买票(现在买票可能太早了),但是here is the link.体育场,Stadio Artemio Franchi,is located in the Campo di Marte area,in the city's northeast.When there's a game,it is best reached by bus.The numbers 7,17,and 20 all go to the stadium and you can pick them up at either the train station or in Piazza San Marco.

  16. 答复

    My son and his girl friend recommended your website.They both loved your recommendations when they visited Florence a couple of months back.我是意大利出生的(来自弗鲁里里)建筑师,但在我成年的大部分时间里一直住在美国。My wife and I (with another couple) want to buy an apartment in Florence that we can use 2-3 weeks at a time as a base when we retire.I have been researching the various areas and prices with real estate brokers.这些年来,我一直很喜欢奥尔特拉诺,即使多年前我还是个学生。根据你的经验,你有什么偏好或见解可以给我们吗??

  17. 答复
    Judy Smetherham
    26.10.2018 at 2:48

    When my sister and I visited Florence in 2013 we asked you 徳赢全站APPabout a hair salon – which was fantastic by the way.
    Also there were street stalls seemingly everywhere and we bought lots of bits n pieces.We are planning a return to Florence via Rome and Venice in 2020 and hope to find those markets again.
    HELP!When are they and where?We are also hoping to 徳赢vwin波音馆travel by train to Arezzo for the huge monthly market there and perhaps visit one in Fiesole.
    We did return to Florence in 2016 and were lucky enough to witness the wonderful Calcio Storica parades as we were staying near Santa Maria Novella.We also thought we would 徳赢vwin波音馆travel perhaps May/June so we can visit Arezzo for the beginning of June.

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