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Day Trip To Trebbio,一座托斯卡纳城堡里的酒和阴谋

Trebbio-wine tasting - florence

Tasting wine in an authentic 12th century,托斯卡纳城堡。没有比这更好的了,right?如果说城堡是佛罗伦萨历史上最大的阴谋之一的所在地,还有爱情故事?It starting to sound a bit more like a plot to a Hollywood thriller,but luckily for us living in Italy,this all just comes with the territory.特雷比奥城堡是从佛罗伦萨出发的完美一日游。,the location being strategically only 徳赢全站APPabout 25 minutes from the center of town,在Pontassieve附近,this trip arranged by the fine folks atL&B Italian Tours.我们是为了了解它的历史,徳赢全站APPtaste some wines,在三个小时内上烹饪课,which was ideal for a Saturday morning activity for both locals or visitors alike.

Regarding the back history ofTrebbio,,as you know,这里的一切都有故事。It was built in 1184 by the Pazzi Family,which for those who don't speak Italian,“帕兹”的意思是疯狂。事实上,the family was pretty crazy to even attempt such a thing,但这是不同的时代。In the cold rooms of this castle,,弗朗切斯科和萨维亚蒂·帕齐策划了一个对抗对手的计划,the Medicisin the cold,living room,with the help of the Pope Sixtus IV and his nephew Girolamo Riario.The Pope was upset that the Medici's were attempting to thwart his Papal power over the North-central Romagna region.And if you're wondering whether it was successful or not,just check to see who's balls are all over Florence.a little hint,they're not the Pazzis.

这是当地历史上的一个重要事件,是我第一次听到关于麦地奇家族的故事。徳赢全站APPI imagined the day the attempted政变发生了,,那是4月26日的早晨,1478 during Easter high mass in the Duomo cathedral.A more sacred time,they couldn't have picked.他们成功地刺伤了一个美第奇兄弟,Giuliano,但洛伦佐的“壮丽”设法逃脱了。Naturally the Florentine people sided with the Medici's and killed the present Pazzi's on the spot.

Welcome to Trebbio!!

Welcome to Trebbio!!


You might be wondering what happened to the castle in the meantime,well,它最终年久失修。A caretaker live here alone with no heating — his only light was candles.What I found particularly interesting was that he couldn't get married for over 15 years (a clause in his work contract).Although that certainly didn't stop him from exploring the local territory,阿尔贝托解释说,在接受意大利电视台的采访时,' he actually said on live TV"he took what he could"每晚从城堡后门出来。一旦该条款被撤销,he married a local woman two weeks later and took his new bride to the coastal town of Rimini in his full outfit (see below),which apparently were the only clothes he had.

一间专为特雷比奥的老看护人而设的房间,in his traditional outfit

一间专为特雷比奥的老看护人而设的房间,in his traditional outfit,feather in cap and all!!

As we piled into the very cold ‘conspiracy' room where hangs an important panting"La贝拉Giardiniera”拉斐洛·桑齐奥,Alberto,我们的导游在开酒瓶的时候善于开玩笑,told us the story of how Trebbio came back to life.Until the 20th century when a love story came into question,in the days before apps like Tinder existed.It all happened in a train in the 50's-60's when an Austrian girl came to Italy to learn Italian and met her future husband and married,settling into life in Milan.She was 19,他59岁,6年后,they had five children together.

One day he came to Anne and said"几年前,I was a lonely man,so to thank you for all that you have given me,我在托斯卡纳买了一座城堡,占地800多英亩。romance isn't dead,you just need to meet the man on the train.

His thought was too only live there in the summer months,because the castle didn't have heating.But he didn't imagine that his Austrian wife would jump at the chance to live their full time,and they eventually came over with all children in tow in 1968,which is the restorations began.They started the wine and olive oil production,improving with every year.Ps.我应该这么说,he lived 27 years after they got married.证明生命可以从任何年龄开始,当你最意想不到的时候。


The castle is now in the hands of their daughter,Anna Baj Macario,who took over the estate with her husband Stefano Casadei who is the winemaker.They live full time in the castle,which still doesn't have heating,and is really quite cold,especially the February day we were there.Like most nobles in similar situations,they tend to congregate in the same few rooms using traditional means of staying warm,such as floor to ceiling fireplaces.Being that it takes over 100,每年1000欧元来维持这个地方,in addition to making wine and olive oil,they give tours,offer cooking classes,have apartments for rent and host 徳赢vwin电竞投注events like weddings,at the castle.Stefano's cousin Alberto is the man who showed us around this wonderful day and was a delight to be around — always ready to crack a joke or share an anecdote.He's the kind of guy you'd want to spend three hours listening too.

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We took a tour of the wine cellars,which holds wine made in the 350 hectares of land which contain over 50 hectares of vineyards -they export over 500,000 bottles of wine annually.

在佛罗伦萨,还有许多带稻草套的瓶子,游客们都非常喜欢。We asked why they no longer keep them in these types of bottles,called ‘fiasco' by Italians which coincidentally also means ‘a disaster'.很明显,基安蒂葡萄酒在当时真的很受欢迎,主要是本地消费的,事实上,Florentines used to throw empty fiasco bottles at bad theater performances to show their –ehm,opinion 徳赢全站APPabout the acting.In order to improve the taste,and the reputation,他们开始把它们放在我们今天经常看到的波尔多酒瓶里,基安蒂在世界各地为自己赢得了名声。

They make a variety of wines here,甚至泡沫!Their Chianti riserva is made with 100% Sangiovese Grapes which are left to mature in barrels of oak wood while their popularPazzescois an igt Supertuscan with Merlot and Syrah.后来我们品尝了一种有红樱桃和橡木味道的上升酒。it was recently awarded by Gambero Rosso with"3 bicchieri"in 2016,极高的荣誉。


They also make Tuscan ‘bubbles' which I'd love to try next time..

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One of my favorite Alberto quips happened in the olive oil rooms.After declaring his love for British older ladies,he told us 徳赢全站APPabout a time when he brought a group of older ladies around 85 year's old here and asked"维珍是什么意思?in reference to the oil,one of them to replied"这里没人知道。”"

The olive oil was previously kept in large terra cotta pots calledconca为了让它们远离光和热。However,this has now been outlawed by the European government and now it has to be kept in stainless steel vats,老实说,我不太清楚为什么会这样-也许你们知道?After being on more than a few olive oil tours in my lifetime,I fully expected Alberto go into the problems of the olive oil industry,他和我感激。"Larger companies have a strong lobby in Italy and have a vested interest to put as little information on the bottles as possible",especially not wanting to note the amount of acidity,这实际上是危险的。

Obviously the price matters a lot,considering that olives can be pressed only in November,one tree equals to roughly 1 liter.So it makes you wonder when you see those cheap prices at any Coop or Esselunga advertising ‘extra virgin.' The likelihood is that some of these companies actually mix ‘virgin' oil with flaws with extra virgin or with olives in Africa or Spain and shamelessly sell it to the masses.事实上,I highly recommend you阅读这篇文章which goes more into detail 徳赢全站APPabout it on the Olive Oil Times.

A few tips on picking olive oil at the store if you can't get it directly from a farm,check out the five most expensive bottles and pick according to the type of container the oil is in.Look for dark and thick bottles as opposed to transparent ones,which means the oil will likely get rancid faster due to exposure to light and heat.Also check the date and make sure it is recent,for example,right now we should be consuming oil from the November 2015 production cycle.

Last but not least during this three hour tour was our pasta-making class in the family kitchen with Adriana.我们手工制作了新鲜意大利面,no pasta machine needed.阿德里安娜把我们打得很好,让我们按她严格的要求做面团的模子和捣碎。接下来是酱汁,a vegetarian version and a meat ragu.She quickly prepared thesoffrito,which is the holy trinity and base of many Italian recipes consisting of a combination of vegetables,herbs or spices (take your pick),用黄油或橄榄油炒,在加入其他成分之前。

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After this,我们挤进了家里的餐厅,旁边是一个轰鸣的壁炉,阿尔贝托在那里上了一堂快速品酒课。Having us hold our wine next to a white or light background to check the color and swirl to see the alcohol content.We tried three wines,their freshest Chianti DOCG Castello del Trebbio (which was only 7 euros in the shop),a deeper Chianti Rufina Riserva ‘Lastricato' DOCG (100% Sangiovese Grapes) and their Vin Santo del Chianti Doc served with the traditional Tuscan almondbiscotti.I love anything I can dip.

Everything was great,the company,葡萄酒,the location — we started with delicious crostini topped with their fresh olive oil,一份黑橄榄酱和一份番茄酱。


我们在半小时前刚做的新鲜面食里泡了泡,在壁炉旁舒适地喝了很多酒,our warmth radiating as much from the wine as the heat.Indeed I couldn't have imagined a better way to spend a Saturday morning and afternoon.A bit of history mingled with an ongoing family story,你还想要什么?我绝对会推荐这趟旅行,或者去任何一个想从佛罗伦萨轻松度过葡萄酒酿造日的人那里。


Castello del Trebbio,地址:Via Santa Brigida,9 – 50060 Santa Brigida (Florence) – Tuscany – Italy.You can try a variety of tours at Trebbio,从一小时的品尝到半天,包括烹饪课或更多(藏红花是他们最新加入的)。Keep in mind they also offer agriturismo accommodation,and are available for weddings or 徳赢vwin电竞投注events.We did actual;ly consider Trebbio for our wedding but went ahead with Montalto instead.More info here.Or check out theirfacebook page.

*Also try their restaurantLa Sosta del Gusto,which I was assured by friends is fantastic.Another reason for me to come back and embrace a little more love and conspiracy,,in the same bite.

How To Get There??

We were hosted by the fine folks at L&B Italian Tours which arranged for our transportation from Florence to the castle.Which is a 25 minute drive from the center of town.

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